Calling all Puertorriqueños: Why BoricuasConnect is the Resource You Never Knew You Needed

By: Megan Lucas

Let’s face it, Puerto Rico has not had a good time in the news lately – from the huge mountain of debt to the increasing number leaving the island.

As the economic challenges in Puerto Rico continue, many Puerto Ricans are choosing to leave the island in search of better opportunities. Boricuas leaving the island are becoming part of the global Puerto Rican diaspora. Originally meaning to “sow or scatter” in Greek, the word “diaspora” has been used in recent years to describe those who left their native country to pursue opportunities elsewhere and who love their current country, yet still have a strong sentimental connection with their native country through food, music, and other cultural aspects. When united, diasporas can have significant influence through voting, policy, financial trade and foreign direct investment (FDI).

Enter – a platform with a mission to connect Boricuas around the world through discussion forums, a business directory, an events calendar, and a job directory. BoricuasConnect also plans to launch an online marketplace for anyone interested in buying or selling item made by Puerto Ricans later this summer.

The website is up now, so please go to to create a member login and explore the website. Feel free to reach out to for more information or to provide feedback.

Megan Lucas is an Analyst at BCS, Incorporated, who provides management consulting and support services to the U.S. Federal Government. She specializes in Latin America and Caribbean affairs, webanalytics, and is on a mission to bring concise communication and exceptional project management